Osprey Fishing rods.
Maker on wholesale and OEM manufactuer of proven quality fishing rods since 1998 

Wholesale fishing rods 

Osprey spiral wrap blank spinning rods being tested to it's limitFishing rods blank in graphite, fibreglass and our special spiral wrap composite blank.

Fishing rods in our manufacturing programe- Trolling rods from 20lb~200lb class. Jigging rods with a cast weight from 30g to 300g. Spinning and casting rods from Ultra light to hard action. Fly rods from #3~~12. Telescopic rods from 2.1mtr to 6mtrs in lenght. 

Osprey Fishing rods

Jigging rods from 1.8m/5ft~2m/6.5ft. Jigging rods with cast weights range from 60g to 300g. Pg 2.

  • Spiral wrap blank Jigging rods offer a high reflect action and a closed to unbreakable blank.

  • Jigging rods fitted with Heavy duty reel seat. Carbon blank Jigging rods.

  •  Jigging rods with Heavy duty guides with Titanium oxide insert.

  • Osprey jigging rods, Jigging rods with alu handle and fuiji guides  Jigging rods tested to 1.5  times it design load

Jigging rod's blank coated with special pattern
 Code Length  close  Actions
RGJ2040-172 5.6ft 5.6ft 20-40lb
RGJ2040-180 6.0ft 6.0ft

2sect. Jigging rod

 Code Length  close action 
RJ259255 8.2ft 4.4ft 20~30lb

Carbon Jigging rod. Dismountable  handle

 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36110c-602 6.0ft 1.22m

Carbon Jigging rod. Dismountable at handle
 Code Length  close
Cast wt
RGJ36117c-562 5.6ft 1.18m/3.9ft 100-200g
RGJ36117c-602 6.0ft 1.3m/4.3ft
RGJ36117c-662 6.6ft 1.38m/4.5ft
RGJ36117c-702 7.0ft 1.5m/4.9ft

2sect Jigging boat rod-CW:50-150g
 Code Length  close action 
RGB36083C-562 5.6ft 0.84m 50-150g

1 sect. carbon blank jigging rods- pattern blank.

 Code Length  close   action 
OR 30/55lb

2 section heavy action jigging  rod
Code nos. Length
Close Lure  WT
RGC31150c-802 8.0ft 6.6ft 150-300g
Reel seat colour available : red/blue/green/black/gunsmoke

Carbon Jigging rod. Dismountable  handle

 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36122c-762 7.6ft 1.55m

Carbon Jigging rod. Dismountable handle
 Code Length  close  Lure Wt
RGJ36119c-602 6.0ft 1.3m
Jigging boat rod-dismountable handle CW:80-150g
 Code Length  close length  action 
RJIP2040-56 5.5ft 5.5ft 100-150
RJIP2040-60 6ft 3.7ft
RJIP3050-66 6.6ft 4.2ft 80-100
RJIP3050-70 7.0ft 4.6ft

Carbon Jigging rod.-1section
 Code Length  close Line action
RGJ36113c-18315 6.0ft 1.85m/6.0ft 30lbs
RGJ36113c-18324 6.0ft 1.85m/6.0ft 50lbs
RGJ35113c-21015 7.0ft 2.1m/7ft 30lbs
RGJ36113c-21024 7.0ft 2.1m/7ft 50lbs
These beauty was landed with rod from this series (photo with compliment from Osprey outdoors Western Australia)

Jigging rods sub page
Pg1  Pg2

 Boat rods/Light jigging rods.

Jigging boat rod-carbon blank CW:50-150g
 Code Length  close action 
RGB36082C-562 5.6ft 0.84m 50-150g

3sect Compact boat jigging rod
with 2 tip  sections
Code nos Length


R4180-5512 1.8m/6.0ft 50/80gm
+ 80/120gm
Boat jigging rod with Very short close length: 66cm/2.2ft.
2 tip sections. 1st @50/80g   and 2nd @80/120gm
Supplied with Carrier bag.

Light boat jigging rod with a pattern blank-15/20lb
Twin action boat rod.jigging rod-- Holiday pack
Code nos. Length Ext Close Line
RB142415-210P 2.1m/7ft   1.12m/
RB142415-240P 2.4m/8ft   1.26m/
RB142415-270P 2.7m/9ft   1.41m/

4sect Compact Holiday packboat jigging rod

Code nos Length Action
RSTR466-2040 6.6ft 20-40lb
RSTR466-3050 6.6ft 30-50lb
RSTR466-6080 6.5ft 60-80lb
Very short close length:1.8ft/55cm
alu. handle. Solid  glass blank - closed to unbreakable.